Still from one of my Office Mix videos
Still from one of my Office Mix videos

Teaching activities ESHPM


Zorg & Welzijn (2017- today)

Together with ESHPM colleagues I am currently developing a new interdisciplinary Bachelor course on care and welfare, with a focus on youth care and mental healthcare. 


Comparative Health Policy (2017-2018) 

Master course (course coordinator, lecturer and tutor)


Thesis Health Economics, Policy & Law (2016-2018)

Master thesis (supervisor)



External teaching activities 


Ontwerpen of ontwikkelen? Beleidsvorming in perspectief (2018)

Strategie en beleid in de publieke gezondheid

NSPOH (Netherlands School of Public and Occupational Health)


Ethnographic Methods (2018)

Innovating Solutions for Aging Population

University of Copenhagen


Samenwerking tussen vrijwilligers en professionals (2017-2018)

Innovatief Vrijwilligersmanagement

Hogeschool Utrecht